Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Hamahata-114 Imaizumi, Shinchi, Soma District, Fukushima, Japan

The Fukushima nuclear crisis occurred in March, 2011, when the plant was hit by a tsunami that resulted from a 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Tohoku, Japan. The disaster claimed more than 15,000 lives. Three of the plant's six nuclear reactors melted down and more than 300,000 people were evacuated.

According to Greenpeace:

The lives of hundreds of thousands of people continue to be affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, especially the 160,000 who fled their homes because of radioactive contamination, and continue to live in limbo without fair, just, and timely compensation. They have only a false hope of returning home, yet the Japanese government is eagerly pushing to restart reactors, against the will of its people, and without learning true lessons from Fukushima.